Pennington Law Firm, L.L.C. Announces the Launch of Siterra!



PLF is leveraging technology to create a modern, highly efficient, responsive and connected workplace by being the first law firm in the country to implement Siterra, an integrated and interactive web based project management platform. PLF continuously strives to find innovative ways to better serve our clients and embrace change as our clients’ processes and expectations evolve. We are invested in helping our clients and employees achieve their greatest successes by providing the tools and resources necessary to achieve such success in a fast-paced, ever-changing marketplace.

PLF, its clients and employees will benefit from the implementation of Siterra in the following ways:

Client Expectations and access to “Real Time” data
Siterra forecasts and tracks project completion dates and individual task completion dates in “Real Time” helping to better manage client project expectations. Specific task or project deadlines can be adjusted for individual projects within Siterra to better track time sensitive priorities. Siterra will help clients clearly identify bottlenecks in project completion and facilitate problem solving to provide greater project efficiency.

Project Efficiency and Quality Control
Siterra is a “one stop shop” that houses all project data in one place. Between project data pages and comprehensive, customizable project workflows, there is a clear picture of the status of any project at any time. Manage multiple iterations of documents with ease, keep track of necessary revisions, and monitor outstanding items all within Siterra. The Business Intelligence tool within Siterra will allow us to create and save customizable reports that can be run at specified times every day, week or month.

Employee and Team Development and Performance
Siterra’s comprehensive, customizable workflows include employee responsibilities on a subtask level. In this way, Siterra can aid in the training and development of new employees, decreasing the time it takes to bring a new employee to a position of productivity. Subtask responsibilities and Siterra’s tracking of task completion by individual employees sets expectations and increases accountability among new and existing employees. Unwanted differences in project performance among separate teams can be reduced by implementing uniform project workflows. However, where client needs and expectations require differences, workflows can be customized to meet those demands.

Talent Retention
Siterra allows for information to be passed back and forth quickly between employees in remote locations or other office locations by simply accessing the internet. No longer will an employee need to be physically present in an office or need to portal in through a VPN to complete necessary tasks to advance projects to completion. Valuable employees with years of knowledge and experience can be retained even in the face of a changing life situation, a huge benefit not only for the Firm, but for Clients who have come to rely on the experience and trusted counsel of long term advisors.

Workplace Performance, Profit and Cost Control
Siterra will help the Firm “go green” by reducing the need for paper files and unnecessary paper usage. Errors will be reduced and eliminated by keeping project notes in Siterra, instead of on a piece of paper that can be easily overlooked or misplaced. When the time comes to destroy paper files, Siterra will alert employees, freeing up costly physical space in the office. From a financial standpoint, Siterra’s project workflows are customized to send automatic billing reminders when certain milestones in a project are completed, reducing the chance that billing opportunities will be overlooked. Finally, Siterra is a powerful forecasting tool that can help predict cash flow and client budgetary expenditures throughout the year.

At PLF we pride ourselves on being Innovative, Responsive Project Managers in Partnership with our Clients. We Embrace Change and seek out Opportunities to exceed Expectations. We practice the “Want To” and are Committed to Excellence in all that we do. We are very excited and proud to launch the release of Siterra and welcome the positive impact it will have on our Firm and Clients! Please contact us to learn more.