Pennington Law Firm, LLC’s senior staff members have extensive experience in the commercial real estate and wireless communications industries.

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In coordination with our primary role assisting our clients with the efficient and timely build-out of wireless communications infrastructure, Pennington Law Firm can help minimize time, costs and liability exposure through legal review of environmental site assessments.

Our attorneys possess a variety of experience working in both academia and government agencies and can assist your business with:

  • Developing proactive strategies for performing due diligence to address potential environmental issues
  • Identifying and assessing existing environmental conditions that may subject you to liability
  • Understanding the technical issues and regulatory obligations needed to address site conditions
  • Avoiding or minimizing environmental liability during the planning and development of wireless infrastructure
  • Establishing potential defenses in the event a condition is discovered after your project is complete
Both small and big companies are affected by legal issues at one point or another. How they are handled can depend on legal representation. Pennington Law Firm, LLC’s attorneys who focus on general corporate issues can assist a company in resolving its legal problems, whether it is an issue that can be solved outside of court or an issue that requires a trial.

As we provide practical, thorough legal counsel to all of our clients, we make it our mission to learn not only about the client themselves, but also their business and industry as a whole. Our attorneys strive to be as educated as possible about each customer to ensure excellent service and satisfied clients.

Our practical advice extends to all industries and is applicable to a business at any stage in development.
Our general corporate issues law services include, but are not limited to:

  • Contracts (including negotiations)
  • Corporate Authority
  • Dissolution
  • Formation
  • Land Purchasing and Ownership Matters
  • Media
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures
  • Shareholder and Corporate Governance
  • Statutory Regulations
  • Telecommunications
Pennington Law Firm, LLC practices law regarding the lease, sale, and purchase of commercial real estate. Managing commercial real estate transactions can be complicated, especially without a knowledgeable attorney on your side. The team at Pennington Law Firm, LLC has the skills and experience to ensure that your real estate contract is fair, thorough and enforceable.

Pennington Law Firm, LLC’s commercial real estate services include negotiating leases for retail, office and industrial properties, as well as assisting clients with structured transactions including recreational properties, commercial and residential buildings and manufacturing facilities.

Pennington Law Firm, LLC’s experience in commercial real estate has lent itself to the development of another successful service area – the negotiation of office leases. Our real estate attorneys have served as lead counsel for multiple office lease negotiations.

We thoroughly comprehend the factors involved in office leases, and we learn the needs and interests of each participant and the demands made upon each. We understand that each transaction is unique. As a result, our attorneys focus on learning not only the needs of our clients, but also the needs of other participants, and we develop innovative solutions to any challenges our clients face during the lease negotiation process.

Our Firm has long standing relationships with utility and fiber companies and can assist you in negotiations related to pole attachments, conduit agreements, condemnations, encroachments, rights-of-way acquisitions, transmissions line and fiber installations. Our goal is to help come up with innovative solutions to the challenges you might face with these issues. With the ever-growing need for fast and effective backhaul solutions, we have the necessary experience to provide you with real-time solutions.
While the attorneys at Pennington Law Firm, LLC have vast experience in various industries of law, our concentration is in wireless communications law. We strive to be the best wireless communications law firm in the United States, representing our clients with experience and professionalism.

Our primary role is to assist our clients with the efficient and timely build-out of wireless communications infrastructure. We currently assist with wireless infrastructure deployment throughout the United States. Our services to wireless communication companies include:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions of Wireless Companies and Assets
  • Disposition of Wireless Companies and Assets
  • Negotiation of National and Regional Master Lease Agreements
  • Drafting and Negotiating Pro Forma Agreements for All Applications
  • Development of Regional or National Leasing Policies, Processes and Procedures
  • Project Management of Large and Small Wireless Projects
  • Amendments of Existing Agreements for Deployment of New Technology
  • Review for Compliance with Master Agreements
  • Negotiation of Agreements for:
    • Ground Space
    • Water Tanks
    • Communications Towers
    • Buildings and Rooftops
    • In-Building Systems
    • Distributed Antenna Systems, Indoor and Outdoor
    • Large Venues/Stadiums/Convention Centers
    • Airports
    • Pole Attachments
    • Retail Stores
  • Training of Wireless Communications Real Estate Client Teams
  • Drafting Wireless Communications Legislation at Local and State Levels
  • Research and Preparations of Zoning/Permitting Analysis for Wireless Deployment
  • Zoning/Permitting Hearings for Wireless Communications Facilities
  • Liaison with Wireless Communications Consultants to Local Governments
  • Environmental Review and Counsel
The ever-changing regulations of land use and zoning law can be a challenge for anyone to fully comprehend. Our attorneys have the industry knowledge and experience dealing with municipalities to satisfactorily meet your needs.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in:

    • Drafting Amendments to Zoning Ordinances
    • Subdivision Ordinances
    • Land Use Regulations
    • Zoning Hearings
    • Zoning Appeals
    • Zoning Applications

We also assist private landowners in acquisition and development of land and permits.